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The 64th Annual Tony Awards: A Report

While typing this I'm watching the Tony Awards. I'm gonna report on them. :) So here goes.

The show opened with a performance of Green Day and the cast of Green Day's American Idiot. It was amazing.

Eddie Redmayne got an award for Red. Yay! Such a great play.

Kristin Chenowith just made out with Sean McGuire Hayes. Hilarious.

Sean Hayes dissed Snookie. :D

Angela Lansbury. Need I say more?

Idina Menzel, while introducing a song from Ragtime (great costuming btw), she told the audience to shush. Ahaha. Her dress was gorgeous!

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Spring Awakening art? Heck yeah!

 So... I'm in love with the musical Spring Awakening. Here's my spoiler free synopsis:

Ok, so it's about 14 year olds in 1890's Germany discovering puberty and everything that goes with it. The adults don't tell them anything, so the kids are confused and, for some, scared about what is happening to them. The plot follows them as they discover what puberty is and what it is to grow up.
So good. Very Angst filled. And it's a rock musical.

Did I mention I love it?

Hanschen/Ernst Spring Awakening fan art.Collapse )

Also, I have a new page layout. Thoughts? Better, or worse? (And yay! for E.A. Poe!)

What's this? A new post??

Well, I've totally been ignoring my LJ. Whoops. But I've downloaded the LJ app for my iPod Touch, so it should help me post more. :)

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Thou art wearing a dress, Geoff.

 Ok, so here's my first try at the medieval story generator. I whipped it up pretty quickly. And of course I used the Swacit characters. :)

Lords and ladies, for thy viewing pleasure, here art the Swaciteers in Collapse )

Way to point out the obvious there, Mel. And they're totally standing under their tree. :D

And thanks to Jackie for the link and for creating the Swacit characters.

Did anyone watch "Merlin"?

 If anyone watched Merlin... did you like it? I want to buy it off iTunes, but only if it's worth it.


Oh, fuck my life. >:(

 As if going to Hell High School (aka Smyrna High School) next year with people I hate (and who hate me) instead of going to school with all of my friends wasn't enough, my dad was just fired. His new boss has been making him work extra hours, and that made my dad really tired. So he was too tired to work. So he was fired. And we already are tight on money, and now there's next to no money at all. We also just paid off this month's mortgage, so there's even more money we don't have.

 Okay, I'll post details about today's High Tea at the Hotel DuPont another time, but first... the Dorian Gray teaser trailer has been released! I believe a "w00t" is in order.

For some reason, the frickin' thing isn't coming out in the US! WTF?!?!  D:< It ticks me off! GRR! 
Canada: September 2009 (Toronto Film Festival)
UK: September 9, 2009
Greece: September 17, 2009
Italy: October 23, 2009
Finland: December 25, 2009

Here's the film's website.

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Jane Austen, Kate Beaton, and tea, oh my!

 Tomorrow (Thursday) is my boss's boss's birthday. (I intern at the Delaware Art Museum [specifically, the Education Wing]. My boss is Saralyn. Her boss is Courtney. It's Courtney's b-day being celebrated.) And they're awesome people who are just as bad and crazy as my teenage friends. So, since both Courtney and I love Pride and Prejudice as well as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (heck, if Jane Austen is involved, we love it), I drew something in homage to that (and Kate Beaton, whom we both love as well) and colored it in Photoshop.

Also, we're taking Courtney out for High Tea in the Afternoon at the Hotel DuPont. We're dressing all snazzy. I'm wearing my black suit trousers w/ white pinstripes, matching jacket, and a button-up shirt. Spiffy.


Ok, I have to share this video. It's a riot! It's a literal video translation of Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'. Endless lulz.

Now, while we're on the subject of Lord of the Flies...
I have to read it for English III Honors this summer, and then do a project on it. So I've started the project. I'm drawing a collage of main characters and the symbols that go with them.

This is why there's no Swacit art this week.Collapse )