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 Okay, I'll post details about today's High Tea at the Hotel DuPont another time, but first... the Dorian Gray teaser trailer has been released! I believe a "w00t" is in order.

For some reason, the frickin' thing isn't coming out in the US! WTF?!?!  D:< It ticks me off! GRR! 
Canada: September 2009 (Toronto Film Festival)
UK: September 9, 2009
Greece: September 17, 2009
Italy: October 23, 2009
Finland: December 25, 2009

Here's the film's website.

#1 - I found stills! (I got them from this Aceshobiz article. All images link to their full-sized versions. For some reason, their images aren't loading on Aceshowbiz.)
#2 - I found the new poster, too! (I got it from BenBarnesFan.com Image links to it's full-sized version.)
#3 - Empire magazine has a new article out on the film. In it, it says that Ben Barnes' first day on set consisted of him being naked, on his 27th birthday he was surrounded by naked women in an opium den, and that the film still has the heavy tones of hedonism and homosexuality that is present in the book. I'm posting scans from the article. (I got them from BenBarnesFan.com Image links to it's full-sized versions.)
#4 - I made wallpapers :D

Lord Wotton (Colin Firth) and Dorian Gray (Ben Barnes).

Dorian and... prostitutes, perhaps?

Epic!Dorian. Is that a hookah pipe???

Dorian and his infamous portrait. (This must be early on in the film. Both are still young.)

Sybil Vane (Rachel Hurd-Wood, one of my favorite actresses).

Sybil holding a rather distressed-looking Dorian.

Dorian looking epic in a graveyard. (This is the image that's the base of my wallpapers, btw.)

Here's the new poster! (Look how much it looks like the Perfume: The Story of a Murderer poster... which starred Rachel Hurd-Wood, just as Dorian Gray does!)

And here's the old poster, the first one.

Here's scan #1 from Empire magazine...

...and here's scan #2.

Here's some wallpapers I just made...

#1: Dorian In Graveyard:

#2: Dorian In Graveyard version 2:

#3: Dorian in Graveyard version 2 with black and white background:

My current wallpaper: