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Spring Awakening art? Heck yeah!

 So... I'm in love with the musical Spring Awakening. Here's my spoiler free synopsis:

Ok, so it's about 14 year olds in 1890's Germany discovering puberty and everything that goes with it. The adults don't tell them anything, so the kids are confused and, for some, scared about what is happening to them. The plot follows them as they discover what puberty is and what it is to grow up.
So good. Very Angst filled. And it's a rock musical.

Did I mention I love it?

SO. My favorite pairing is Hanschen/Ernst. Canon gay guys, whaaaaat? Yep. Canon gay guys. They're hilarious! They provide all of the comedy relief in the extremely heavy Act 2.

So I made fan art!

Yep. That's them. Ernst (Ben Fankhauser) on the left and Hanschen (Andy Mientus) on the right. They play my favorite Ernst/Hanschen pairing.

This was my first time using multiple ayers. As well as my first time using brushes!

Also, I have a new page layout. Thoughts? Better, or worse? (And yay! for E.A. Poe!)